Where to find a great holistic facial


If you are seeking a great holistic facial that uses clean products and will treat your skin right, this is the list for you! These salons have been recommended by people that I know (and linked) and/or I’ve tried and recommend them myself. They’re trusted and trustworthy.

Click the names to take you straight to them. Enjoy the pampering—you’re worth it!



Kimberly Carson Skin Care—Recommended by Angela Peck and Laurel Shaffer, Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Marina Del Rey:

Elisha Reverby—Elique Organics

Santa Barbara:

Lyon Wellness—(Caitlyn Lyon), Recommended by Angela Peck

Santa Cruz:

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Studio

The Nature of Self Care


Base Coat Nail Salon—Recommended by R.L. Linden & Co.


Blue Morpho Organic Skinspa (Kate Gurecki)—Recommended by Angela Peck and Laurel Shaffer, Laurel Whole Plant Organics


Sandra Hicks in Georgia


Luana Aloha Massage and Facials—Recommended by Leah Klasovsky, Leahlani Skincare


Milagro Midwestern Spa—(Kristin Rolf) Recommended by Kim Wallace, kimberlyloc.com


Cape Cod:

Supple Apothecary (Orleans)—Recommended by Kara Kivi, Splurge Skincare


The Emerald Door Salon—(Sara Demelio, founder of Skincando) Recommended by Rebeckah Schlosser, Revescent

Green Revolution Skin Studio—(Laura) Recommended by Rebeckah Schlosser, Revescent

New York

NYC + Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Herborium

CAP Beauty

Cecilia Wong Skincare—my review here plus writeup of signature ingredient here

Great Jones Spa—Recommended by Vered Back, Vered Organic Botanicals

Jenise Parris, LaC—Recommended by me for acupuncture and microneedling treatments (review here)

Julia March Integral Skin Care—Recommended by Stefanie Iris Weiss

Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa—my review here

Julie Lindh—more about Julie here

JustBe Skin Line—(Negin Niknejad), recommended by Fiona Harlowe

The Karcher—(Melanie Herring), recommended by Jessa Blades

Kristina Holey—Recommended by me, CAP Beauty, & Katherine L’Hereaux, Kahina Giving Beauty

Pratima Day Spa—Recommended by Kristen Arnett, Green Beauty Team

Savor Spa—my writeup of green beauty gathering here

SB Skin—(Shamara Bondaroff) Recommended by Claire McCormack

Treatment by Lanshin—(Britta Plug) Recommended by Josh Rosebrook

True Beauty Brooklyn


Heart of gold—Ally, recommended by Lacy Phillips, Free + Native


Fabriq Spa— (Sandra Enck Emmanouilides in Philadelphia), recommended by Angela Peck

Sheryl Lynn Gibbs—Founder of Sevani Botanica and holistic esthetician (book through the contact page).



Gressa Skincare Lab

Jordan Samuel Skin—Jordan Samuel Pacitti, founder of the eponymous skin care line and esthetician, widely recommended by me and others

In Canada


Woman Divine—(Magdalena Tomczak in Ottawa), recommended by Angela Peck


Province Apothecary

In Spain


Intuitive Skincare Clinic—Fiona Harlowe and here

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One thought on “Where to find a great holistic facial

  1. Add Kerri Hall at “Charlie Mae by Kerri Hall” in Greenville, SC! She uses TaylorMade Organics & 100% Pure in her facials. && most importantly, she knows what the heck she’s doing. 🙂

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