The Truth about Product Reviews

IMG_20150830_125842No blame should attach to telling the truth. But it does, it does. – Anita Brookner

It took me a while to realize why I was not jumping to post product reviews.

I’ve tried so many different brands over the years and naturally love sharing anything that works well for me. A constructive review helps other people find quality products and also helps the company that sells it.  Win-win, right?

Then I realized that I’d have to be totally honest in talking about the product—of course.  What if there’s something about it that I don’t like? I’d have to share that too.

But what happens then?  What happens to a company that may be a small mom-and-pop type of company (since I love supporting indie businesses), after they get a less-than-stellar review?  It might affect sales which would affect jobs which would affect the viability of a company that’s trying to produce something good.  It could set off a whole chain of events that might harm them.

OK. I’m not saying that I have that much influence, but even one word put out there that could harm another is not worth it.

So I’ve made a decision.

I am committing to:

  • Posting product reviews of products that I love that work for me
  • Recommending the brands that I try that may work for someone else but not me
  • Noting when they are organic, ethically-made, locally grown, use biodegradable/recycled packaging, and any other clean features
  • Making sure to list ingredients and, if necessary, isolate some ingredients and question their safety on the skin
  • Including posts about brands that may be harmful or need to be held accountable for greenwashing the consumer
  • Honesty, integrity, and authenticity in all my words

I may or may not use affiliate links but ONLY for products that I use and endorse and never for the sole purpose of making a sale. Building trust means more to me than making a sale. A true human being endures. A check in the mail does not.

That way, I can share the goods that are worth sharing without anyone getting hurt.

Also please see Why I stopped blogging for free

12 thoughts on “The Truth about Product Reviews

  1. Loving that! I always try to say positive things too, and even if something doesn’t work great for me, it still might for someone else as it’s all so personal! So I make sure to mention that. Like your attitude too!

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    1. Thank you, Sofie. It is fun to find you here 🙂 I tell any companies that wish to send me products for review that I want them to know I will not write anything at all if the product doesn’t work for me. That way they are clear there is a possibility that I won’t write anything at all. Thanks for commenting! I look forward to spending some quality time checking out your blog too :-)!


  2. Loving this post Sarita and agreeing with you 100%. I am also committed to be honest and truthful in all the info I share. It’s important to note also that what works for me might not work for somebody else and viceversa, so it’s quite a complex subject. I am sticking to what works for me as well and noting that every time. Thanks for being such an open heart and soul and for inspiring all of us around you!


  3. I would love to send you a few things to try! I’m confident you’ll live them. I use natural, organic ingredients as well😊 I’m pretty new to the insta world, and need lovely people like you(who take awesome pic’s!!) to give me a boost. Thx, Amanda

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  4. Hi Sarita!

    I run a little blog with my best friend and we feel absolutely the same about only posting on products we love that work for us (with the occasional “less-than-stellar” accounting of individual products in sets/subscription boxes/goodie bags). We really agree on not seeing the point in vilifying any businesses!

    I absolutely love your Instagram and blog posts! Found this page while browsing your blog and we’ll have to add a page like this to our blog too (and credit you for inspiring us) ^^ xx

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  5. A while back in one of your posts from 2014, “Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil On My Face”, you, well….went on to explain why you stopped using coconut oil on your face (hence the title, Megan, duh!), and why many individuals reacted badly to such a wonderful wellness product. Recently, I came across your reviews of Stark Skincare. Did you personally suffer from breakouts using her GF Cleanse + Hydrate Balm?

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    1. No I didn’t, Megan, and the same for OLO’s Skin Savior Balm. I think that a cleanser gets rinsed off quickly, plus the combination of other blemish-preventing ingredients helps. Also, I know with One Love Organics, Suzanne told me they use a similar extraction method to Cocovit Coconut Oil which works well on my skin too. Thanks for your comment and so sorry that I’m only getting to it now! EEK. XO


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