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Licensed social worker Sarita Coren is a holistic mom of five with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Dubbed “the godmother of green beauty” by industry insiders, she writes the clean living blog Edible Facial (soon to be the eponymous site Sarita Coren). When she’s not capturing green beauty products on her popular Instagram account, you’ll find her connecting industry tastemakers, consulting indie brands on social media and PR strategy, offering small brands her photography services, and writing about all things healthy living for Epoch Times, Natural News blog, GreenMedInfo, Wish Garden Herbs blog, and Hip & Healthy UK. She served on a panel of green beauty experts for KIWI Magazine’s 2015 Natural Beauty Awards. StyleCaster featured her tips and tricks to taking the perfect IG-ready beauty product shot and StyleBistro Associate Editor Kristina Rodulfo highlighted her as one of five green beauty accounts to follow on Instagram. She celebrates family time, does not dye her hair, embraces her joy lines, and loves sampling all the best in clean beauty.


In the Press:

In print:

Skin & hair profile:

  • 45 years old
  • normal to oily skin
  • tendency to break out
  • some redness/broken capillaries
  • working on achieving balance, accepting aging with flow and grace, and self-loving thoughts
  • fine lines around eyes (also known as joy and grief lines), forehead (deep life lessons learned in my 20s & 30s), and naso-labial fold (also known as fa lin lines that represent deepening into your soul purpose according to Chinese face reading)
  • normal to oily hair with some greys and one two and a half grey eyebrow hairs (and counting)

Contact info:

Please reach me on my new site The Hub of Clean Living

17 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by Little & Luxe! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Also, your blog is very cool – I’m a big believer in holistic lifestyles.

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      1. I really enjoy your blog posts, I’m all for natural and health although I do slip up & attack a bar of chocolate 🙂 I love to spread the sparkle…we all have it and yet some people never let it show. So happy to have connected with you xx

        Liked by 1 person

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