Raw Food for the Skin


Plants have extrasensory abilities, much like humans do.

Plants are alive. There are numerous studies that prove that plants are not only alive, but also have higher intelligence, a sophisticated communication network, and even have feelings like fear, happiness, and sorrow.

Cleve Backster’s groundbreaking book published in 1973, “The Secret Life of Plants,” revealed the numerous polygraph studies he conducted on plants and their paranormal abilities such as remote viewing—the ability to see distant, hidden locations. He shared his findings with the Stanford Research Institute.

Damanhur focuses exclusively on the ethereal music of plants. It is worth checking out their incredible work and listening to the sounds of electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots. Their studies stemmed from the desire to re-establish a balanced relationship with the environment and nature.

When we use live, raw, and organic plants, trees, and seeds on our skin, we access the thriving and bio-active elements that add the most nutrients and benefits to our skin.

It is not easy to find companies that use raw, unfiltered, and organic ingredients in their skincare. Part of the reason is shelf-life. A product that has not been treated with some sort of preservative system has a much shorter shelf-life. Since a product that is raw is so alive and nutrient-rich, it is also going to grow naturally live bacteria in it pretty quickly.

That doesn’t need to stop you from some amazing raw skin food though.

Although, since they are alive, you may want to talk to your plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, oils, and trees to ask their permission before use.

Who knows? You may just hear the answer….

Here is a budding list of raw food that’s great for the skin. Please click on each link to find out more.

(Insider secret: If there is no link attached, it’s because I’m still in the process of loading content. Thanks for your patience.)


Apple Cider Vinegar

Argan Oil






Herbs & Spices (Infographic)


Natural Oils (Infographic)

Olive Oil


This is just barely scratching the surface of the many ways to use raw live food for your skin. For more ideas, please check other posts on this blog or other reliable resources.

Maybe you will discovery some for yourself. Please share any below.

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